News 2011

Our CH Kokuhou Go Ryuukyuu Uruma KOKUHOU was shown in Hamar, Norway in October under judge Rui Olivieira (P). There he was awarded the CACIB making him an Internation Beauty Champion (C.I.B)!

CH Taichung Classic Design CALVIN was BOS at Vallentuna Nat KC Show for judge Hanne-Laine Jensen (DK). Our CH Kokuhou Go Ryuukyuu Uruma KOKUHOU was 2nd Best Male. No more CK was given to the competing males.

* 6/8
Very short summary of the summer of 2011:

We attended the world dog show in Paris in the beginning of July. Our SEUCH NUCH USCH Taichung Total Eclips Of The HRT SUNNI took the veteran world winner title with style and has now ended her long successful show career. Thanks for all Sunni!

Our Japanese guest JPCH CD1 Kokuhou Go Ryuukyuu Uruma KOKUHOU became a Swedish Champion on July 30th in Ransäter under judge mr Terje Lindström (N). Kokuhou is owned by Yukei Tomimoto, Yuuichi Tomimoto, Hiroshi Tsuyuki & Kao Miichi.

Our puppies have now moved to their new homes. We wish the new members in Team Aangenaam good luck in the future with their new family members.

* 21/4
We had a good day at SKK Nat show in Västerås 17/4. 16 shibas entered and 4 of them belong to us. 14 shibas came to start.

SEUCH FIUCH Aangenaam Lunar Eclips "Hailey" was BOS.
Aangenaam Eclipse Class Cruiser "Nemo" was Best Junior Male with champion quality and later on 4th Best Male.
Aangenaam Full Moon Eclipse "Polly" was Best Junior Female with champion quality.
SEUCH Taichung Classic Design "Calvin" was 2nd Best Male.



Aangenaam Eclipse Class Cruiser "Nemo" was BOB and later BIG-4 at ÖLKK's match show in Örebro, Sweden February 20th.


A Hero has left us for the afterlife. RIP Ina No Kuronishiki av Enerhaugen


Aangenaam Suntory Hibiki
was BOS with CAC at NKK Int in Bö, Norway. 24 shibas entered and only 3 (!) got champion quality. Biki was in fact the only male who got it

Photo: Gullborg Knudsen

Congratulations to Bikis owners Christen Lang, Jorunn Kvalheim and Betty Haugland.


It is confirmed that Kurama-no Kiku Hime Go Shobo Genzo Sou is now a JKC Champion! She finished very easy.

We are very very happy for this title!